Sunday, February 21, 2016

Apple Cinnamon Harvest Cookies - Aldi

Apple Cinnamon Harvest Cookies - Aldi
My not-so-secret love affair with Aldi continues! This product pulled me in with it's gorgeous packaging, but to be honest, I'm not too sure I really want a cinnamon apple flavored cookie. I like apple pie, apple oatmeal, and apple cobbler, but I haven't found an apple cookie that I've liked yet. Something about that apple flavoring being in something purely crunchy and without little chunks of real apple seems unnatural to me. Maybe this will be the one to win me over?
Packaging? Just look at it! It's gorgeous! Matte finish, full bleed, full color printing, gorgeous photos... this bag has it all! Plus it photographs beautifully! If you covered up the Benton's logo, this would easily look high end, like something you'd buy at Whole Foods at a much higher price point. If I were giving this packaging a grade, it'd easily get an A+ (and it's win best dressed in the year book), but the cookie inside...just doesn't make the grade.

I opened up the bag and the cookies smell...interesting. Kind of like baking powder and cinnamon? It's not a really appealing aroma, but it's not off putting either. I feel like this scent is more candle or cosmetic-like than foody, and it makes me feel like this is something that shouldn't be eaten. Which is worrisome. 

The cookies are pretty small, about one bite's worth each, but maybe they taste really good? I popped a tiny cookie into my mouth, and the texture is great. It's crunchy and crumbly, similar to a shortbread cookie, but the flavoring is on-par with a packet of apple cinnamon instant oatmeal. It's a little fruity and tangy, not as cinnamon-heavy as it smelled, and it leaves a tangy apple concentrate flavoring in your mouth. It's like eating animal crackers with apple juice. I'm more of a cookies and milk kind of girl, so this just doesn't work for me.
After I ate another cookie I think I figured out what these taste like. My sister has a horse, and sometimes she bakes up these homemade horse treats with apples and oats and all kinds of horse-friendly stuff. That's what these taste like! Tiny horse treats! I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, but it's definitely not the cookie for me.

These bite-size snacks are apple heavy with a great texture, and I bet they'd be great for toddlers, since they're small, sweet, mild, and easy to eat. If your little ones need some teething cookies, or something for snack time, these would be perfect for them, but apples are something I just don't want in cookie-form. (I wonder if my sister's horse can eat these...)
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