Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Filled Cupcake Oreos - Walmart

Filled Cupcake Oreos - Walmart 
These new Oreo flavors are fun to track down, but I'm starting to get a little burned out. I reviewed the Peppermint ones in January, and since then we've already had the Cinnamon Bun Oreos (review coming soon), a re-release of Red Velvet, and now Filled Cupcake? We're only 39 days into the new year! Oreo is really cranking these things out!
When this flavor was first teased months ago, I really wasn't interested. I figured it was the normal chocolate filling, or maybe the Brownie Batter Oreo filling, with a touch of the traditional white sandwich cookie creme in the center. So it's chocolate, chocolate cookies, and creme. Sounds pretty normal to me. How is this different from Oreo products we've already had? I guess I"ll find out!
Back when this limited edition flavor craze began, all of the packages were the same size regardless of being seasonal or available year round. Now all of the new limited edition flavors and re-releases are being sold in the smaller packages. In a way the smaller size is a good thing. New flavors are coming out so quickly that the smaller size makes keeping up with them a lot easier on your stomach, but at the same time, the price has stayed the same. We're all getting less cookie for our money, and as a cheapskate, I don't like that, but as a food blogger who feels like she has to try all of these flavors, the smaller packages are saving me from an early foodie grave. (I'm partially kidding.) 

Once you pull back the front of the package you can see the rows of Oreo cookies inside. Since the white creme is in the dead center of the cookie, at a glance these look like normal chocolate filled Oreos, and they smell like them too. Right out of the box there's nothing new or fancy about them at all. They look like chocolate creme Oreos, they smell like chocolate creme Oreos, but once you twist the cookie apart you can see the little spot of creme that makes all the difference.
I originally thought the white creme was just a spot of the traditional white Oreo filling, but this is much lighter and fluffier in texture. The stuff looks and feels just like that fluffy whipped creme center of a Ho-Ho, or as Oreo called it a "filled cupcake." It's sweet, vanilla'd, and it leaves your mouth feeling a little waxy, just like the creme fillings of snack cakes. So the white portion is very different from any filling Oreo has ever done before. However, the chocolate creme surrounding it is nothing special. As far as I can tell this is the same chocolate filling as the normal chocolate creme Oreo's, and nothing specially formulated for this flavor. If you eat the creme together, the chocolate portion easily overpowers the fluffy white portion, and if you eat the cookie together, you lose the cupcake aspect entirely. 
If they had used the Brownie Batter creme as a base for these, I think the flavoring would be a lot richer and it would have made this flavor seem more special or authentic. As-is, this is a chocolate creme Oreo with a spot of white creme. If you want the best "filled cupcake" experience, twist the cookie open and eat the center portion on it's own. The second that light and fluffy white creme mixes with anything else, this just becomes a normal chocolate Oreo. Which tastes great, but you could buy a larger package of those for the same price.  
For me, this flavor was an interesting gimmick that just didn't pan out. I wouldn't say this is a "must try" flavor, but I don't regret giving them a shot. I like that the center creme has a new texture as far as Oreo fillings are concerned, and I'm excited to see where this dual-flavored creme concept will take us next. (Maybe some kind of jelly doughnut flavor?) 
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  1. Jelly donut oreo would be awesome!!! Or they could stray into the fancy side. Gooey caramel filling oreos drenched into chocolate then sea salt on top. They could do a twisted oreo which is 1 golden and 1 chocolate with a swirl of vanilla/chocolate creme