Sunday, March 20, 2016

Milky Matcha - Asian Food Market

Milky Matcha - Asian Food Market
So here we are again. I, a self proclaimed Milky candy hater, bought another Milky product. Why?  It's the same excuse as always, I was sucked in by the adorable illustration. Look at it! Can you blame me?
Freaking adorable Peko-chan with in a patterned Kimono with a matching Hello Kitty? Insta-buy. (To be honest I'm not sure if they're wearing yukata or kimono, but it looks more formal, so I'm going with kimono.) Not only are the illustrations adorable, but they're very nicely laid out. It's a small box, and there's a lot of elements going on here, but looking at it gives you a simple and almost children's-book-like feel. The two characters are font and center, made of simple shapes and (mostly) flat colors, and then we have a lovely contrast from the complex pattern of the fabric and the bold colors of the simplistic backdrop. This was foodie graphic design cat-nip for me, and even though I don't care for matcha flavoring all that much, and I don't care for Milky candies, I just couldn't leave this at the store. I had to have to for my ever growing food hoard, and when it's empty I'm keeping it for my shelf as a display piece. 
So one gripe I have with this candy before ever even opening the box is that, it's freaking tiny. While I love this size for the illustration, it's freaking expensive for...

...only 5 pieces of candy?!
Seriously. Five. That's all you get in this adorable box, and that isn't a bad portion health and diet-wise, but since this is imported it has a fairly hefty price tag for what little candy you get. The cheapskate frugal side of me had a hard time pulling the trigger on this purchase because in my mind I was thinking, "$2.99? That $3.00, for 5 pieces of candy, that works out to .60 cents each!" I figured it was cute, it made me happy, and I can blog about it. Plus, since I don't really care for the flavors of this candy, having less is probably a good thing. Right?

I took one of the adorable waxed-paper wrapped sweets and took a bite, since Milky sweets are soft enough to do that with, and you know what? I actually like this one! Of course! The more expensive candy I get very little of is the one I enjoy the most, because that's how the food blogging world works. The outer layer tastes very similar to the flavored white chocolate coating on a Matcha Pocky stick, but with a dense and chewy caramel-like texture. The center portion is more strongly flavored and it has a grainy texture, but it's still caramel-like, just harder, more like those flavored caramel Nips we have here in the states. The overall flavoring is sweet and condensed-milk heavy, like most milky candies, but the matcha is earthy enough to balance all that milkiness out, making this really enjoyable for me.
My matcha-loving sister actually didn't care for these, and says match Kit-Kats and Pocky are superior, but I don't really care for either of those sweets. These, however, I really enjoyed. If they were cheaper, I'd definitely buy them again, but at .60 cents a piece, I rather hang onto the box and my fond memories of the one matcha flavored candy I ended up liking.
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