Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chocolate Strawberry Batman Cereal - Walmart

Chocolate Strawberry Batman Cereal - Walmart 
This Saturday I saw an early showing of Captain America:Civil War (don't worry, no spoilers here), and before that the last movie I saw in theaters was Deadpool. All these (Marvel) comic-book movies reminded me that I still had this DC Batman Vs. Superman cereal in my stash.

Now, I may lose my Batman-fangirl card for this one, but I did NOT see Batman Vs. Superman in theaters. (I'm sorry Ben Affleck.) The trailers just didn't win me over and all the bad reviews scared me away. I'll see it one day, it'll just be on DVD or when it airs on HBO or something. (Although I will see Suicide Squad in theaters just so I can witness what they've done to Harley Quinn with my own two eyes.) So the Batman Vs. Superman promos didn't convince me to see the movie, but it DID make me buy this cereal. So I guess they were doing something right.

General Mills released two cereals to promote DC's movie, this chocolate strawberry Batman themed one and a caramel Superman themed one. Neither of the flavors make all that much sense to me, but the boxes are gorgeous! It's hard to tell in these photos, but if you've seen these boxes in the grocery store aisles you'll know what I'm talking about. These things are covered in gorgeous texturing, spot UV coatings, and faux metal finishes. I can't stop touching the logo on this box! The textures really made this stand out on the shelves, but everything else about it is a hot freaking mess. Where do I even begin?

The eroded font on the left is trying too hard to be dark and edgy, just like Christian Bale's voice in The Dark Knight, and the cereal itself looks like a sad rip-off Count Chocula without the marshmallows. Plus, it's strawberry flavored? Why the heck is it chocolate strawberry flavored? Is that meant to represent the darkness in Batman's soul and the spilled blood of his parents or something? Because it feels more like sad grocery-store Valentine's Day candy in cereal form to me. Plus I've never been a fan of the chunkier Batman Logo, I know it's legit and it's been around for quite some time, but I prefer the sharper logos like the ones from the Animated Series and Batman Beyond to this one. It looks too bulky for my tastes. As much as it kills me to say this, since I am NOT a Superman fan, his box wins by a landslide. The Superman one was much nicer, and I admitted that months ago when I posted a photo of it on my personal Instagram account.

In a way the box is really nice, but at the same time this product feels lost. (Which seems to be a big complaint people have about the plot of the film itself.)

I opened up the bag and the cereal inside smells sweet, chocolatey, and a little fruity (in the same sense that Franken Berry is fruity). It reminds me of chocolate strawberry scented candles and lip balm, but in a good way, not in the overly chemical Bath & Body Works way. (FYI, I'll keep picking on Bath & Body Works until they bring back the Temptations line.)
Since the milk was upstairs, and I was feeling lazy, I started out by trying the cereal dry, right out of the box. My first impression was immediate disappointment, followed by mild anger. The cereal has a similar texture to Count Chocula, but the chocolate and strawberry flavoring seems to be some kind of coating on the outside, similar to Puppy Chow or those dessert-style Chex snack mixes, it dissolves on your tongue, but it leaves cereal dust on your hands. Other cereals, like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, do that, but they taste awesome so it doesn't bother me. This? This tastes like I'm eating cereal coated in novelty chocolate and strawberry flavored lip gloss.

This is not good. Maybe milk will help?

No. It did not. Well, it kinda did. Washing some of the flavor off them made the cereal taste less lip gloss-y, but then again without it's coating it didn't taste like much at all.

DC, Marvel is kicking your butt in the theaters, and now you aren't even beating them in the novelty cereal aisle. I hate picking on products, especially when my beloved goth-y-dead-parent-issue-having-bat-obsessed-boyfriend is involved, but this is a really artificial tasting cereal and finishing the rest of this box is going to be a chore. This would have tasted much better if you had just re-released Count Chocula with a Batman-themed box. I wouldn't recommend it, and if you missed out on this limited edition promotional product, I wouldn't shed any tears.
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