Thursday, May 19, 2016

Sour Patch Fruits - Walmart

Sour Patch Fruits - Walmart
We have a lot of candy around the office (surprisingly it's not my doing) and one of the sweets we always have in stock are Brach's fruit slices. They're big, citrus-segment-looking gum drops with a sweet sanding sugar coating that come in a big plastic tub...and I hate them. They're one of those candies that look way more appealing than they actually are. I don't hate ALL of the flavors, the orange and lemon ones are pleasant enough, but the rest taste like sugary petroleum jelly. Bland and unsatisfying. I usually eat them as a last resort and they're barely worth the tooth-decay. 
I was buying the new Sour Patch Strawberries at Walmart and spotted this. I had never noticed it before, but they seem like Sour Patch's answer to the bland Brach's slices. Will sourness save these colorful fruit jellies? Or will these be another candy that looks better than it tastes? 
The bag's design is very similar to the rest of the Sour Patch line, and even though these are unrelated to their popular "kids" shapes, we still have them scattered around the logo and seemingly presenting this product to the consumer. If you look closely the pink fragmented bits around the edges of the bag are kid-shaped too! It's playful and fun, but nothing about this really stands out. It's just another Sour Patch peg-bag. 
Inside you get a pretty generous amount of candy, and each fruit shape is unique to match it's flavor. The cherries look like little cherries (kinda more apple-like than cherry, but we get what they're going for), the grapes are in little bunches, the watermelons are sliced, and the rest are classic segmented citrus slices, just like Brach's only smaller. 
We have 6 shapes/flavors, and they're all equally adorable! 
Cherry (red) - The sour level here is really mild, much milder than typical Sour Patch Kids, and the flavoring is you classic artificial cherry. It's a little medicinal at times, and not my favorite in the bag, but it's a nice contrast to the other flavors.

Lemon (yellow) - Seems to pack a bit more of a sour punch, thanks to it's zesty citrus flavoring. After you get past the sour coating the gumdrop-like inside portion tastes like lemonade mix. It's sweet, tangy, and refreshing. I really like this one, it's like the Kids-version, only less sour.

Watermelon (pink) - In the bag these look really similar to the orange slices, but they aren't segmented and they're slightly pinker. These taste exactly the same as their normal sour watermelon slices. They're a favorite of mine, and I was happy to see them in a mix with other fruits.
Lime (green) - This one uses the same mold as the other citrus flavors in this mix. Thanks to the weaker sanding sugar, the lime flavoring seems bolder here than in kid-form, but I'm fairly certain the overall flavoring is the same.

(orange) - Another perfect zesty citrus flavoring, again it's really similar to the Kids-shaped version, but less tangy and sour, so the authentic zesty citrus noites get the chance to shine.

Grape (purple) - Grape is a flavor you don't see in the traditional Sour Patch Kids line-up, so tasting grape candy in sour form is something I'm less familiar with. Grape has never been one of my favorites, but this one it's that bad. It has a sweet concord grape-flavored base with a slightly sour sanding sugar shell. These were my least favorite in the bag, but grape candy always reminds me of children's cold medicine, so I'm sure grape lovers would enjoy it a lot more.
If I had to rank the flavors (best to worst) it'd be: Watermelon, lemon, lime, orange, cherry and then grape. I really like the size of these slightly sour gum-drops, and the fruity shapes are freaking precious. Much more enjoyable and snackable than Brach's Fruit Slices (which are similar but too large and sweet for my tastes). Even though I obviously liked some flavors more than others, it's a well rounded mix and I would definitely buy this again for my desk at work.
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