Thursday, July 28, 2016

OREO Chocolat Rich 70% Cacao #TBT

OREO Chocolat Rich 70% Cacao - Gift (I think) #tbt

You might have seen this little box in my celebratory National Junkfood Day haul. It's been in my stash for quite a while and I can't really remember where I got it. I'm 98% sure it was part of our Candyology 101 gifts from The Impulsive Buy when he sent us our little plaques, but I can't truly remember. (Food hoarder problems, am I right?) 
My haul photos showed only HALF of my food hoard and it really lit a fire under my butt to knock out these reviews a lot faster, so here we are! Let's eat some fancy dark chocolate Oreos!
In classic Japanese fashion, we have a box with lovely presentation. The packaging is made of cardboard, but it has some lovely food imagery and some gold foiling that makes it stand out from your typical candy bar you might see in American grocery stores. The box is very compact and it only gives you a handful of these mini bars, which is typical for Japanese sweets, but Americans might find this portioning to be on the wimpy side. Even though the overall design is pretty nice, and fairly elegant as far as Oreo products are concerned, it feels a little dated. Something about the dark tone to the food imagery and the scripty font used for the gold text makes this feel old. It's not as crisp, clean, and modern as the Limited Edition American products I'm used to seeing. This is a more Lindt-esque take on the Oreo branding and I bet they went in this direction because of the dark chocolate base. Dark chocolate doesn't usually appeal to children, and most dark chocolate lovers I know are women, so going for a more Lindt-like look would make sense as far as marketing goes. I'm not a huge fan of this design, but it's nice to see an Oreo product looking a little different.

Inside the box are individually wrapped chocolate bars with a silver tone, due to the foiled plastic, and they're pretty tiny. I'd say this would be on-par with the mini sized candy bars we have in the states, but instead of being square, it's a skinnier rectangle. Not bad for a single portion.
The candy bar is covered in dark chocolate, and it has a bitter, but really appealing, dark chocolate aroma mixed with the classic cocoa scent of Oreo cookies. I love dark chocolate and I love Oreo cookies (way more than the creme) so this is off to a great start. 
I took a bite, and the filling is so contrasted! It's practically a perfect black and white bite through! Visually, this is really pretty, but it tastes kinda boring.
The outside layer of dark chocolate is really thin, but okay quality-wise, and it's sweeter than most 70% dark chocolates. It's more on-par with the flavoring of an Oreo cookie, which is good, and the lower layer of dark chocolate has yummy mixed in cookie-bits adding some great crunchy texturing, but that vanilla layer? It just isn't chocolate, and it's definitely not creme, so what is it? It's really light, but solid, and there are flecks of vanilla bean in it but it tastes...kind of like sweet nothingness. It's not all that flavorful, it has a bizarre almost foamy, but still solid, texture and it doesn't taste all that great. Intact, I think it weakens this candy overall. If I just eat the bottom, which is dark chocolate and Oreo cookie bits, this tastes a LOT better. 
If they ever released a plain ol' dark chocolate bar with cookie bits, I'd but it in a heartbeat. It's bitter, but sweet, crunchy, and very delicious. That foamy creme nonsense has got to go. If you see these on the shelves, which might be tough since they were limited edition and they're a foreign product, I'd say they're worth trying, but don't expect to be blown away unless you skip the white layer.
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  1. I think that they should had gone using actual oreo crème without foamy added in