Friday, August 5, 2016

Pepsi's 1893 Ginger Cola - Rastelli's Market

Pepsi's 1893 Ginger Cola  - Rastelli's Market
A few days ago I reviewed the 1893 Original soda, and today I have the ginger version.

Ginger is a flavor I used to hate. I remember thinking that it tasted like a cleaning product and avoided it whenever possible, but after several years of food blogging I've changed my tune. In fact, I prefer my ginger snacks and sweets to be on the extremely spicy side these days. Will Pepsi's 1893 throwback make the cut? Let's find out!

The can is shiny, like a gold bar, which looks really elegant in person, but this was a NIGHTMARE to photograph! Photogenic packaging isn't an issue for the average consumer, but let me tell you, I was cursing in my photo set-up trying to get decent shots. In this heat, with those photo lights, it wasn't pretty. Other than the gold color, the can is practically identical to the Original version I reviewed earlier this week. It's simple and classic, but modern. It looks very different from the rest of Pepsi's offerings and I like it quite a bit.

I popped the can open and it smelled very ginger-heavy, but sweet. It instantly reminded me of Pepperidge Farm's Gingerman cookies. (Which are the only Pepperidge product I truly love.)

I took a sip, and this is like drinking a gingerbread cookie! It's not bold and spicy like other ginger colas (like Fentiman's), this is more of a sweet and vanilla'd spice flavor, similar to ginger baked goods. It has the same refreshing aftertaste as the original cola, which I really like, but in the end, I really didn't care for this drink. When I buy ginger beverages I want that deliciously spicy burn, and this just doesn't have that. It's pleasant enough, but it just isn't for me.

If you ever craved a sweet gingerbread flavored soda, then look no further. This would a great Jones-esque seasonal offering, but for a year-round ginger beverage, it falls a little flat. (Then again I like the intense spicy ginger beers and sodas.)
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  1. Hi Maria! Great review! I've always loved foods with ginger in them, and recently came across a new soda out there. Well, it was new to me, I'm sure it's quite older than I think, but it's Ginger Beer. Think Ginger Ale but with more ZING, and if you haven't tried it you'll have to and see what you think. The brand I had was Frostie's, you get it in a glass bottle with the classic metal lid. I'd say, for my first Ginger Beer experience it wasn't too bad! Love the blog! Looking forward to what you review next! :)