Thursday, January 4, 2018

Bubble-less Bubbly Bubblegum - Project 7 Champagne Dreams

Project 7 Champagne Dreams Gum - Target
Visually speaking, this would have been the ideal product for my big New Year comeback review, but given Project 7's history of disappointing products wrapped in pretty packaging...I opted for Oreos instead. 
I don't know what it is about Project 7 chewing gums. Even though they let me down time and time again, I can't stay away. 
While checking myself out in Target's self-service-lane, I spotted this flavor in the totally-effective impulse-buy section. I managed to ignore it, rung myself up, and was about to leave...and then turned back and made a separate transaction just to buy this gum. Why? I have no idea. I think I'm just a sucker for pretty packaging. Even though I hate chewing these flavored gums, I really do love photographing them. I mean, look at this! I have little twinkly lights in the background! Plus, Project 7 was a company I really liked, and their original line of mints were really fantastic. I want to love you Project 7!
Maybe this flavor will be the one to re-ignite the spark in our food-blogger-product romance... 
So, the packaging is really pretty, like always, and it's matte finish photographs like a dream. However, there's something new about this package...and that is it's awful smell. 
I've reviewed a lot of Project 7 chewing gums in the past, and never before have I had one smell like this. This plastic foiled pouch smells like eroded batteries. I have no idea why this particular package smells this way, but thankfully, once the candy has been removed from the pouch, it smells completely fine. 
Thankfully, the gum inside has little to no smell at all. 
A serving size is 2 pieces, so I grabbed two and popped them into my mouth, did they win me over? 
Kind of. The flavoring is sweet, light, and pleasant, but it certainly doesn't make me think of champagne. To me, it tastes like creme soda Dum-Dum's lollipops and pink bubble gum. The bold portion of the flavoring only lasts about 2 minutes, then it fades into a mildly sweet flavoring that is reminiscent of Wax Lips. Honestly, it's one of the most chewable and enjoyable flavors I've had from Project 7 in a while, and it's pleasant enough that I think I'll have no problem finishing off the rest of the package. (Which is rare! You guys have no idea how many of these un-finished packets are in our candy dish at home.) 
Welp, I didn't fall back in love with Project 7, but thanks to this flavor, I have a little bit of hope that they might get a bit better from this point out. If you're looking for a cute, well designed, add-on to a gift (especially for weddings and such) this is an affordable addition, but one packet is more than enough for me.  
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  1. I think they could had added a fizzy coating to tie the fun in!