Saturday, September 1, 2018

Well, shake it up baby now! Twist and...meh? - Lemonhead Twists

Lemonhead Twists - Walmart 
While running errands I had a craving for some tangy candy. Instead of reaching for an old faithful, I decided to try something new. Was it worth the risk? We shall see...

Packaging-wise, this is deceptively simple. We have a bright yellow background with blue and white text, typical Lemonhead, but if you look closely the yellow background is actually a close up of a lemon slice. Visually, I think this is a great marriage of the classic Lemonhead branding and more modern aesthetic, and I love all the bright colors. Plus, we get the added functionality of a resealable bag. Not too shabby!  (I hope the candy inside is just as appealing.) 
I opened up the bag and the scent immediately reminded me of a lemon scented chapstick I had as a kid. It's a sweet, almost waxy, citrus aroma that is pleasant, but it's much more mild than I had expected. Where's the tang? I thought these might be and all lemonade version of Sour Patch kids, but maybe these are just normal gumdrops? 
There are three different flavors inside: Lemon/Lime, Lemon/Watermelon, and Lemon/Cherry. 
Lemon/Lime - (Yellow x Green) Apparently the coating is just normal sugar, lame. Underneath the sugar layer the candy inside has a stiff gumdrop-like chew and a mild citrus flavor. This is more of a zesty lime peel kind of flavoring than a sweet and tangy juice. Even so, it's pretty mild and underwhelming. This is like a stiffer version of Sunkist lime Fruit Gems. 
Lemon/Watermelon - (Yellow x Hot Pink) Same sugary outside, inside we have the same stiff gumdrop chew, but this time the flavor profile is similar to a watermelon Jolly Rancher. It starts out slightly tangy, an juicy, but quickly fades into sweet, dense, chewy gumdrop nothingness. I like the mild bust of flavor in the beginning, and this was my favorite in the mix, but there are a lot of better watermelon flavored candies out there.
Lemon/Cherry - (Yellow x Red) Visually, this is really similar to the watermelon ones, but they do taste quite different. Once we get through the sanding sugar exterior this flavor tastes like mild lemon with a hint of red cherry cough drops. It lacks the tanginess of the other two flavors, and with them being so mild, that's really saying something. 
What a disappointment. These were nothing like I expected, and even though they're not necessarily a bad candy, there are similar products out there that are vastly superior. If you're after some sweet and tangy candy, stick to Sour Patch Kids or Fruit Gems. Unless you really love Orange Slices and wished for an all-lemon version, these aren't worth the calories. 
I took them into work with me and have been munching on them at my desk ever since, and even though I am close to finishing the bag, I haven't changed my opinion. I'm more-so eating them because they're there.
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