Tuesday, January 29, 2019

♫ Buyin' Lots of Groceries, Gotta Drink A Lot of Peaches ♫

Georgia Peach Coca Cola - ShopRite 
Let's see if any of you former 80's-90's kids can help me solve a mystery while I sip on some fruity soda. 
Growning up we had a few PCs with...really bizarre add-ons? The first one I remember was a CRT monitor in my bedroom that was hooked up to...something. I can't remember the OS, but what I do remember is that it had several Duke Nukem games and some bizarre dungeon-shooter game where I murdered knock-off Beavis, Butthead, and Barney the purple Dinosaur. (I never did beat Barney. His singing killed me too quickly. Googled it. OMG little-me was playing some kind of modded Wolfenstien?! Kill Beavis and Butthead? Where did I even get this?!)
Eventually we worked our way up to a PC with Windows 95, which was bundled with Echo The Dolphin, and, for some reason, a CD with the music video for "Lump," by The Presidents of The United States of America. Why? I have no idea. I found this Reddit thread where two other people seemed to have gotten the same thing, while others got Weezer and a different game? Does anyone know why this was a thing? Why these particular songs? I've been spiraling down this nostalgic rabbit hole for at least an hour on Google and I have more questions now than I did when I started. 
Anyway...thanks to that CD, I was introduced to the band, and I fell in love with their quirky songs, like Peaches. Long story short (too late) let's drink some peach flavored soda.  
The bottle is made of glass with raised white and peach printing and a matching peach-colored bottle cap. Thanks to the etching-style illustration and the green-tinted glass, this has a fun vintage vibe to it, but the bright peach colored ring around the neck keeps it grounded in modern times. 
Glass bottles have a lot of benefits, they stay icy cold longer, they are less wasteful since there are no plastic wrappings that cannot be recycled, and they make the product feel more lux and substantial. The downside? Well, in this day and age soda machines no longer have bottle cap openers, so if you were hoping to sip this on the go....you're out of luck. (Unless you have a keychain-opener.) Plus, it's heavier, unable to be re-sealed once opened, and if you drop it, you're in for a bad time. 
Even with all those drawbacks, I do prefer this glass bottle to the plastic ones we use today, and if this had been in a plastic bottle, I probably wouldn't have bought it.
I was a little worried that the bold caramel-cola flavoring would overpower the delicate peach notes, but once it was opened I could smell the fruitiness right away. The scent reminded me of Haribo cola gummies mixed with Haribo peaches. It's a sweet, syrupy scent that is broken up by the sparkling carbonation.
I grabbed a glass, and some ice, and got ready to take a sip. Not-surprisingly, it tastes quite similar to it's scent. 
The strongest flavoring is the dark, caramel-y, Coca-Cola flavoring we're all familiar with, but there is a significant amount of artificial peach in there as well. Very similar to gummy peach rings, and the tangy fizz of the soda even mimics their sanding sugar coating. 
I bought this because it was in a fancy glass bottle, but the flavor combination was better than expected. Still, I found the sweetness to be a bit too cloying, and it doesn't pair as nicely with a burger and fries as other Coke flavors. This is a fun, one-off, novelty product, but it's not a Coke flavor I'll find myself missing once it's gone. I much prefer the raspberry, which is in Coca-Cola Re-mix machines year-round. (It's my go-to cola of choice at 5 Guys.) 
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