Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Snow Cones in February

Project 7 Rainbow Ice Gum - Target 
I wasn't kidding when I said I picked up at least 6 new flavors of Project 7 during my blogging absence. Let's keep these reviews rolling! (It's still Tuesday, so technically I am still on time!)
So I don't know about the weather in your corner of the world, but it's been pretty crazy here in NJ. Last week it was 7 degrees Fahrenheit, this week? Sixty Five! I saw people wearing freaking shorts outside today! (I'm pretty sure the world is ending...) So since it, oddly enough, feels like it's spring, let's review something spring/summery. How about a snow cone?
Unlike 90% of the Project 7 chewing gums I have reviewed, this one actually smells good! (Most of the time they smell like plastic, chemicals, and artificial sweetener.) Thankfully, this stuff smells sweet and generically fruity. If I had to place it, it'd be blue freezer popsicles. (The kind that are bar-shaped in a clear plastic pouch you need to squish from the bottom up. We called them "Freezy pops," growing up, but it seems like everyone has their own name for them. What did you call them?)
I tossed a few pieces into my mouth, the flavoring starts slow, with a light sweetness, but it starts getting a bit bolder and fruitier. This is very much a mixture of "blue" and "red" flavors. You can some sweet raspberry along with a tangy cherry, and you know what? This tastes pretty damn accurate, AND delicious. This flavor might be Project 7's redemption song. Chewing on a few pieces can definitely bring up some flavor memories of snow cones on the boardwalk, or at the fair. It's a refreshing, sweet, and nostalgic flavoring that, sadly, doesn't last all that long. This has a bit more longevity than the coconut lime flavor I posted last week, but that isn't saying much. You've got 50-chews tops before this turns into a mildy sweet "purple-ish" kind of flavoring and about 80-100 chews before the texture becomes hard and rubbery. The perfect gum, this is not, but as far as this brand is concerned, this is pretty great!
See! It's flavors like this that keep me coming back to Project 7. This flavor is sugar free, but doesn't taste like it, and it actually tastes like a generic, fruity, snow cone. If you like things that taste "blue" and "red," and need to avoid excess sugar in your chewing gum, then this is the product for you! 
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