Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Christmas vs. Halloween : Kit-Kat Edition

Pumpkin Pie vs. Sweet Cinnamon Kit-Kats 
I know I said I wasn't going to jump into the winter stuff...but these were ALSO on clearance, so let's pit Halloween against Christmas and see who comes out on top! 
I'll let Halloween go first, because it's my favorite, and it's obviously the superior holiday.
These Halloween Kit-Kat bars are individually wrapped with orange a green wrappers, each with a little Jack o'Lantern-style face complete with a little green stump and...red sunglasses? (I am baffled by the sunglasses, my best guess is that they wanted to keep their Kit-Kat-red on there no matter how nonsensical.) Due to their thin stick-shape, they could have done something more interactive, like build-your-own designs. Things like, different facial features to build your own Jack o'Lantern, or Monster, or different silly adjectives/phrases to make funny tombstone epitaphs. Pretty much anything but this.
Such a missed opportunity.
Unwrapped, we have an orange colored white chocolate base that smells like cinnamon, nutmeg, and artificially flavored coffee creamer. It's not 100% candle territory, but it's dangerously close. Things aren't looking too good... 
I took a bite, and it tastes a lot like other pumpkin spiced wafers I've had in the past. It's super sweet, creamy, and actually has some decent pumpkin pie flavoring. Honestly, if they could dial the sweetness of the white chocolate down a few notches, this would be a great candy, but it's just too darn sweet to be snack-able. (Also worth noting, this is am individually wrapped seasonal candy, and I assume it's meant to be handed out on Halloween, but what kid wants pumpkin pie flavored chocolate? I tried sharing them and I did NOT get many takers.)    
Next up, the ghost of Christmas-candy-past: Sweet Cinnamon. 
Just like the pumpkin pie version, these little...elves? Whatever they are, their little faces are also wearing red sunglasses (still weird), while dressed in green and white with little poof-ball hats. I think they are going for off-brand ELF vibes. Visually, these make more sense than the Halloween version, but I'm still not a fan.  
Unwrapped, these have the classic milk chocolate base, so it's easy to mistake these for normal Kit-Kat bars, but the scent is distinct and unexpected. I expected these to smell bold and spicy, like those cinnamon brooms sold during the holidays (who buys those?), but these actually smell like coffee with a hint of cinnamon. It's like walking into a Dunkin Donuts during the holiday season. It's a warm and cozy aroma, and far better than the borderline artificial Halloween version. 
I don't taste any of the coffee notes from the aroma. Instead, this tastes like chocolate covered cinnamon-breakfast-cereal. The cinnamon flavoring is sweet and mild, just like the name suggests, so if you were worried this was going to be bold and fiery, like Red Hots or Big Red gum, you'll be happy to know that this is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch of Kit-Kats, which works nicely with the chocolate and is very snack-able, although it is far from unique. We had a "Mystery" Oreo flavor in 2019 that is very similar (turned out to be a chocolate cookie with churro flavored creme), and a sweet cinnamon version of Coca Cola was released this winter as well. It seems like 2019 was a big year for cinnamon, and even though it pains my Halloween-filled heart to admit it, these Christmas Kit-Kats are the winner. 
Sweet Cinnamon is no where near as bold and overwhelming as the Pumpkin Pie variety, making it much easier to snack on, and their packaging makes more visual sense. You win this round, Santa!
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