Friday, April 6, 2012

Coconut M&M’s

Coconut M&M’s
Not a technical Easter or Spring treat, but the tropical coconut flavor makes me think of vacations and warmer weather. I picked these up at Ollie’s and I could not get the sticker off the upper right side of the bag. (I hate hate hate price stickers.)

Like most of the fancy flavored M&M’s, these are a bit larger and rounder than the typical milk chocolate variety sold in brown bags. The candy shell seems a little thicker too, inside is chocolate flavored like coconut. It is sweet like a mounds bar but with no coconut stuck in your teeth. Overall I like these a lot, and the flavoring leaves a cool sensation in my mouth. (Must be from some sort of artificial sweetener.)  If you like coconut, I highly recommend these. They would be great in cookies!

Photos© Maria Smith
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