Saturday, April 28, 2012

Tenkei Pudding Marshmallow from the Asian Food Market

Tenkei Pudding Marshmallow  from the Asian Food Market
On my last visit to the Asian Food Market my sister and I got a bag of these to try out… and they were so amazing we ate all of them before I could take any photos. They are THAT good.
The outside is a very soft and fresh marshmallow disk. It’s sweet and tastes like vanilla.
The inside is a delicious semi-solid filling that tastes JUST like vanilla pudding. The consistency of the center is more like pudding skins, but the taste is utterly amazing. We bought 3 bags this time. I keep a few in my purse at all times. They always make me smile.
I highly recommend you grab a bag if you see them around!
Photos© Maria Smith
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