Friday, May 4, 2012

Meiji Chocolate Bar with Strawberry Marshmallow filling (Review)

Meiji Chocolate Bar with Strawberry Marshmallow filling (Review)
I LOVE this package. I think it is insanely cute and alluring. I couldn’t help but pick it up.
I opened up the package and even the bag inside is adorable (and it keep the chocolate very fresh!) The bar smells like milky chocolate with a hint of artificial strawberry and a tangyness I can’t quite place. Somewhat like plain unflavored yogurt….

The chocolate melts instantly on your tongue, the yogurty tang seems to come from the chocolate itself and not the strawberries. The strawberry marshmallows are extremely artificial. It tastes the way those sickening fruity kiddy perfumes smell. Ick.
Taste-wise this chocolate bar isn’t that great, and I wouldn’t buy it again…but I ADORE this packaging. I might buy it again just to have the box forever. But I’m weird like that…

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