Friday, May 4, 2012

Mikado, Cherry Hill NJ

Mikado, Cherry Hill NJ
My friend Kevin came by a few days ago and asked me to go to Mikado with him. Mikado has sushi, curry and all sorts of yummy treats.

I ordered the veggie curry with white rice and a green salad. They brought out this cold noodle appetizer (first picture) and it was delicious! I am not sure what it is, next time I’ll have to ask.Normally, I HATE ginger, I really dislike the strong flavor it has, but the salad comes with a ginger-based dressing that is to die for. My friend drank the remaining dressing out of his own bowl before. THAT good.

The food was delicious, and my only complaint is that you eat in the dark. Seriously it is almost pitch black inside the restaurant which makes it difficult to take photos. That first photo is NOT doctored at all. It was so dark inside that place.

If you see a Mikado around, give it a try!

Photos© Maria Smith
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