Saturday, May 5, 2012

Meiji Sampler (1 of 2 sets) - Strawberry Marble

Meiji Sampler (1 of 2 sets) - Strawberry Marble
The Meiji samplers are so adorable, they are perfect little portion sizes for a snack on the go and allow you to try candies before you commit to larger quantities of them. I wish American candies would make some of these sets!

Each package shows what it is on the front, with a photo of the candy and an adorable little mascot/image. On the backs we have letters of the alphabet and words. Great for kids. (Although I think the word ‘Yacht’ was a little out of place in this set.)

I started with the first item in the package, the Meiji Strawberry Marble candies.

These are large candy coated white chocolates that are flavored like strawberry. They are much larger than traditional M&M’s, and more like the size of the specialty M&M’s (Like the coconut ones I reviewed here)
They are lovely colors, and are a bit muted compared to our ultra bright candy palette here in the US.

Taste-wise, these have the same super artificial taste as the Strawberry Marshmallow Meiji bar. The flavor is a yogurt-y perfume-y strawberry, but finishes with a creamy white chocolate aftertaste. I think there are actual strawberry seeds in the chocolates as well, there is some sort of grainy colored texture inside.

I wasn’t so keen on the flavor, and I don’t think I would buy a larger box of these, but I would buy them in the Meiji sampler again.

The other candies in the sampler are on the way!

Photos© Maria Smith
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