Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meiji Lemon Candies - Meiji Sampler (#2)

Meiji Lemon Candies - Meiji Sampler (#2)
This is the last item from my mini Meiji samplers!

Again, I couldn’t find any formal name for these candies (just like the Strawberry ones.)

The little lemon mascot is every-bit as cute as the strawberry one. I love all of Meiji’s box-art. The candy itself is the same as the strawberry and yogurt variations. Little Mentos-like candies, this time with a soft lemon color.

Like the strawberry flavor, these smell like tea. Maybe a citrus green tea, it’s such a lovely scent!

When I popped one into my mouth the candy coating is generic and sweet, then it give you a tea like flavoring! When I bite into the candy the inside is soft and crumbly and tastes like a delicious glass of lemonade, followed by a zesty lemon taste.

These are refreshing and wonderful, a fantastic summer candy!

Photos© Maria Smith
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