Saturday, May 19, 2012

Meiji Strawberry Candies - Meiji Sampler (#2)

Meiji Strawberry Candies - Meiji Sampler (#2)
I couldn’t find an official name for these anywhere on the net, they are similar to the yogurt candies, so maybe they are just a strawberry variation?

I love the little Strawberry mascot. Super cute!

When I opened the box they seemed to have a fruity tea-like smell wish a light hint of spearmint, and it was really lovely! I wish this was a perfume.

They look just like the yogurt based candies, reviewed here, but in a light pink color.

The shell has a soft strawberry yogurt-y taste, and inside the candy center is crumbly and sweet. They taste just like the Strawberry Gummis made by Kasugai (one of my favorite candies EVER.) The center also has a hint of ramune, or club soda like flavoring.

These are fantastic! I would buy a HUGE box of these. If you like Kasugai Strawberry Gummis, give these a try!

Photos© Maria Smith
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