Thursday, June 28, 2012

Medium-sized #2 - Wendy’s, NJ

Medium-sized #2 - Wendy’s, NJ
I was craving a cheese burger late night so my buddy Jared and I went to the Wendy’s near my house to get some late night noms.

I got the #2, a double cheese burger, with fries and a HI-C.

I have to say, the new “hot and juicy” burger patties really made a difference in their burgers. The patties are thicker and, in fact, juicier. This makes for a better tasting burger overall.

The fries I am not so keen on, but in my opinion it is really hard to make a terrible french fry.

The meat has gotten better, but I am still fully aware that I am eating a fast food burger. I’ll get it again if I am craving a late night burger run.

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