Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kinoko No Yama Caramel (Caramel) - Asian Food Market, NJ

Kinoko No Yama Caramel (Caramel) - Asian Food Market, NJ
Sorry for the lack of updates the last two days, I just got back from Otakon in Baltimore and my queue had run out.
This is the last flavors of my mushroom-themed snacks. This time, it’s a pretty well known flavor, caramel.
The box is smaller and thinner then the strawberry and the yam versions. It’s about half the size! This time the art seems to have a snowy theme, so maybe caramel is considered more of a winter flavor in Asian countries?  I like the combination of the colors on the box and I think they are really appealing.
Inside, the Chocorooms are together inside a large bag, not individually wrapped. This is different from the yam or strawberry, maybe those are specialty versions, and caramel is a staple flavor? The mushroom-shaped candy inside is about half the size of the taro and strawberry mushrooms too!
When I smelled the candy, it was rich and buttery. There is still a very strong smell of white chocolate, like most flavored Chocorooms, but there are definitely burnt sugar notes.
The biscuit stem tastes just like a Pocky stick, crunchy and mild. This time, the coating tastes like a lightly salted white chocolate mixed with caramel. The texture is like fudge, but it melts away in your mouth.
I really enjoyed this flavor a lot, and they are fantastic when paired with a cup of tea! Out of the three flavors, I’d have to pick caramel as my ultimate favorite. Least favorite would be yam/taro, because it tasted nothing like an actual yam at all.
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