Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kinoko No Yama Ichigo (Strawberry) - Asian Food Market, NJ

Kinoko No Yama Ichigo (Strawberry) - Asian Food Market, NJ
After being disappointed in the yam version, I decided to try strawberry Chocorooms.

The box is just as cute as the Yam ones, but the art doesn’t match up to the perforations well. I hate tearing up beautiful box-art to get to the candy inside.

Just like the Yam flavored ones, these candies are individually packaged. The tops are a bright pink strawberry, while the bottoms have red flecks in them. This reminds me of the strawberry heart-shaped Pocky coating.

This time I smell a strong artificial strawberry smell. The coating really does taste a lot like the strawberry Pocky, only stronger! It isn’t overly sweet, there is a tart yogurt-y tang to the strawberry flavoring that balances out the very sweet white chocolate.

I think these are better than the taro flavored ones, just because they actually taste like what they are supposed to.

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