Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meiji Almond Meltykiss - Asian Food Market, NJ

Meiji Almond Meltykiss - Asian Food Market, NJ
Another special flavor of Meiji Almond, this time it is Meltykiss. What is it? Judging from the box it looks like an almond is first coated in white chocolate, then in milk chocolate, and finished with cocoa-powder. Sounds good to me!

I like the look of this box much more than the Crispy Puff one. This design is more elegant with the blue and white ribbons and gold writing. The only thing I don’t like is that when you open the box, you have to rip the front open. I prefer the drawer-style opening from the Crispy Puff box.

This time the smell is stronger, I can smell dry cocoa-powder, the candies are matte and larger than the Crispy Puff almonds. (Which makes sense, these are double coated.)

The chocolate tastes a bit darker than I expected. It isn’t a full-blown dark chocolate, but the cocoa-powder adds a nice richness to it. The white coating seems to be milk, not a white chocolate confection, but it tastes just like milk! It is so interesting. Both coatings are velvety and melt right in your mouth. All of that combined with a crunchy almond? Amazing.

I loved these! (A lot more than the Crispy Puff ones!) This is another example where Meiji products taste like gourmet treats!

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