Friday, July 20, 2012

Meiji Almond Crispy Puff - Asian Food Market, NJ

Meiji Almond Crispy Puff - Asian Food Market, NJ
I have heard a lot of good things about Meiji Almond. It is just a chocolate covered almond, what is so special about that? I grabbed two of the special flavors, Crispy Puff and Melty Kiss, to try. (My sister was dying to try these!)
The packaging is very bright with an orange square right in the middle. I feel like they are trying to make it look more like an American candy. The box design is actually really neat! It has a slide out section, like a drawer, that is full of the delicious little almonds.

They have a shiny coating, which I assume is food-grade wax, and really smell like nothing. Maybe a light hint of chocolate, but overall they don’t really have a smell.
As I ate the first candy I was surprised, the chocolate coating isn’t as thick as I thought. It’s actually quite thin. The chocolate tastes just like the coating on chocolate Pocky. After the thin chocolate layer is a compacted cereal layer, it is so tightly compacted that it looks like honeycomb. The cereal has a malty taste to it and adds even more crunch to the roasted almond. It isn’t really like a Crunch bar, the cereal seems a bit harder and smaller, but the idea is the same.
These are pretty damn good! The crunch is very satisfying, and I think the flavors work really well together. My sister loves them! I don’t think I would buy these again if I saw them, but I might buy them for her.
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