Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Authentic Chicken Tacos - Melao, Long Branch, NJ

Authentic Chicken Tacos - Melao, Long Branch, NJ
This weekend I drove out to Long Branch to see a bunch of awesome underground bands play. (Specifically, The Zombie Mafia.) After a few sets my friends and I grabbed some food.It was during a classic car show, so the restaurant was only serving food from a specialty menu.

I ordered the “Authentic Mexican Tacos” with chicken, and my boyfriend got the same (but with beef.)

The presentation was really nice, you get 5 lite tacos with 2 roasted pearl onions and roasted cactus. I was really excited to try the roasted cactus!! (It was actually why I ordered this platter in the first place.)

The tacos were filled with onions, chicken and cilantro. They were pretty good, but a few bits of chicken were really fatty and chewy. I cut the roasted onions up and added them to my taco, but there was already white diced onion on them, so the onion flavors really overpowered the chicken.

The roasted cactus was really soft and tender, which makes sense because cacti are mostly water. It tasted a lot like a roasted green pepper, but much juicier. The cactus was my favorite part of the meal.

I wasn’t really impressed by the tacos, but the cactus was really interesting. I don’t think I’d eat at this restaurant again (it wasn’t very good and it’s far away) but this did make more more interested is cooking cactus. I might grab it the next time I am at the grocery store.

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