Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lunch - Philadelphia Art Museum

 Lunch - Philadelphia Art Museum
I went to the art museum last weekend to see the Impressionist exhibit with my mom and her beau. The museum has a cafeteria so we grabbed lunch. I normally don’t eat at the museum cafe (it’s pretty pricey) but my mom has a museum membership and gets a discount.

There were a LOT of options available. Hot meals, wine, panini…
It was a bit crowded so I grabbed something ready-made and easy, a ham and brie sandwich with a lemon-poppy muffin.

The items were wrapped in plastic and wax paper, very basic deli style, but I liked how simple it was. The atmosphere was very mature, but I kind of wish there was a kitschy little art-themed item somewhere.

The sandwich looks very simple and plain from the outside, but the flavors were quite complex! It wasn’t advertized, but he roll was made of made with a pretzel dough! Delicious. Inside was a sweet brie that compliments the honey smoked ham and slightly bitter field greens. This was an adult version of ham and cheese, and it was really successful.

The lemon poppy muffin was alright. It reminded me of the lemon poppy bunt cake from Panera (now discontinued. ;_;) but it was a little dry in comparison.

The sandwich was really yummy, but it was pretty pricey eating at the museum. Next time I’m at the museum, I’ll stick to the art.

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