Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Umaibo Stick (Mentai + Teriyaki Burger) - Savory Snack Pack: Asian Food Market, NJ

Umaibo Stick 
(Mentai + Teriyaki Burger) - Savory Snack Pack: Asian Food Market, NJ
These are the last items from the Savory Snack Pack I bought from the Asian Food Mart. It’s been really fun trying these savory treats, I need to find some more to try!

These are puffed corn sticks that are really popular in Japan because they are cheap and come in tons of flavors. So far the corn potage have been my favorite. The other flavors (veggie salad and cheese) were terrible. I didn’t even want to finish them.

Mentai is first, the package is a vibrant purple with a weird hobo-esque-scientist and some sort of genie. That does not tell me anything about the product or the flavor at all.
I looked it up, and Mentai is marinated pollock roe. I am not familiar with the flavor, so we’ll just have to see what it tastes like.

The stick smells the same as the others, so far these sticks all really smelled the same. A bit off putting and artificial.

Taste wise, this reminds me of Paprika Pringles. They are my FAVORITE chips ever! Paprika is not a common flavor here in the states, but in Europe (Especially Hungary) it is widely available. Eventually the paprika-like flavor fades into a fishy aftertaste. (Which makes sense with the flavor.)

The last item from the savory snack pack is the Teriyaki Buger Umaibo stick. This one tells me what it is on the wrapper and has pictures of burgers on the bright yellow wrapping. The overall look of the wrapping reminds me of McDonald’s with all the yellow and red. McDonald's is really popular in Asian contries and thewy get a lot of limited edition burgers and specials, so this might have been done on purpose.

This stick actually smells a bit different. There is an odd sweetness to the smell, but it was nice to finally smell something faintly food-like.

This flavor reminds me of the hamburger Doritos that came out a few years ago. I can taste a burger seasoning, a sweet teriyaki-powder and an odd hint of lettuce. (Which the Doritos had as well!)
These two flavors were MUCH better than the cheese and mixed salad. I would gladly eat both of these again.

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