Monday, September 10, 2012

Godis Chokladkrokant - Ikea : Philadelphia, PA

Godis Chokladkrokant - Ikea : Philadelphia, PA
I was going to post this yesterday, but when I found out that I somehow got the new limited edition Oreos BEFORE their release date I HAD to post that first.This was the last thing I picked up at Ikea.

They had samples of these candies out for you to try, my mother and I really liked them so we picked up a baggie.

The packaging is really thin and flimsy. The plastic kinks VERY easily and it was really difficult to photograph. I don’t really like the choice of color, but it serves it’s purpose.

The candies are milk chocolate bricks with little bits of butterscotch mixed in. The chocolate is VERY sweet, but the butterscotch has a nice, dark, buttery flavor that helps cut through the sweetness.

Very yummy, but I really wish the packaging was better.

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