Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sac Sac - Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ

Sac Sac - Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ
Here was something random and fun I picked up from the Asian Food Market. Sac Sac! (They were on sale 3 for a dollar)

I am not sure if you can tell from the photo, but these are tiny! Just 6fl. oz. each. The can’s design uses warm colors (yellow, red and orange) and a simplified design.
Why is it called Sac Sac? There is a hint on the can.

When I opened the can to pour it out it was chunky! Why? because floating in the juice are little ‘sacks’ from  mandarin oranges.

The liquid tastes like fruit cocktail. Very sweet and almost syrupy. As you sip you end up chewing the little bits of orange, so the overall experience is a lot like bubble tea. (Sip. Chew. Sip. Chew.)

This was just like having a mandarin orange cocktail cup! It was delicious and very interesting. I think this would be really fun to put in a child’s lunch! (I put it in mine!)

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