Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rainbow Sherbet Extra Dessert Delights - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ

Rainbow Sherbet Extra Dessert Delights - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ
So far we had a hit (root beer float) and a miss (orange creme pop). I guess this flavor will be a tie-breaker. Are the new flavor additions overall good? Or bad?
Click on the flavor for photos and a review:
This package has a delightful rainbow design to match it’s colorful flavor. I love sherbet in all flavors. As children, rainbow sherbet is a summer staple! I haven’t had it in years (this is something I need to remedy).
The package smells a bit citrus-y. The smell actually reminds me of those Haribo Fruits Salad mix. The smell makes sense because most of the rainbow sherbet I have had include lemon and lime.

As I start to chew this gum is already better than the orange creme flavor. The first thing I taste is a sweet indiscriminate fruity flavor. It definitely includes citrus, but I can’t really detect any specific flavors. Maybe lime? The chew is better than the orange creme as well.
This is a fun flavor, but it doesn’t scream sherbet to me. I wouldn’t buy it again, but it isn’t bad. Overall I would say the new flavor additions are interesting, but the best flavor over all is the root beer float. It tastes so authentic, has a nice chew, and is a flavor not often seen in gum. The other two I wouldn’t purchase again (especially not the orange. I still have it sitting around.)
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