Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Toasted Corn Ice Cream - Franklin Fountain : Philadelphia, PA

Toasted Corn Ice Cream - Franklin Fountain : Philadelphia, PA
That’s right! Toasted corn ice cream! Sorry there wasn’t much of an update yesterday, but here is something really unique to make up for it. My friends Brian and Kevin told me about a place they had been to in Philadelphia called the Franklin Fountain. It’s an old fashioned soda fountain where the employees dress retro, the menu has classic malt-shop recipes, there are retro candies and soda…but they have some crazy out-there stuff. (Like this flavor!)

The shop is adorable! It is really small and the decor is vintage. They can only take cask too because the cash registers are vintage! They have wooden drawers and a bell rings when they open! It was so cool!

The flavor of the day was toasted corn and I had to try it. When was I ever going to see corn ice cream again?
There were corn kernels speckled throughout the vanilla-bean-based ice cream. It smelled kind of like movie theater popcorn, when I took a taste..it was a LOT like popcorn actually! The corn kernels had a freeze-dried texture to them. The mouth feel made me think of the little bits of corn inside instant ramen cups. The salty corn mixed well with the sweet vanilla ice cream, and I thought this was a really successful flavor!

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