Thursday, September 20, 2012

Meiji Gummy Choco Drink Menu - Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ

Meiji Gummy Choco Drink Menu - Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ
This time I have some more Gummy Choco, but this time it is a beverage themed pack.
The packaging is really cute and has illustrations of all three beverages on the front, they match the colored candies to the flavors and show the gummy insides. I really like that this package gave us so much visual information, because they don’t always provide English and sometimes I have no clue what I am eating. The box design is really helpful as well, it has a special lid that lifts up to dispense the candy more easily. This also helps with resealing the box to save some for later.
Unlike the Gummy Choco I had before, there doesn’t seem to be a milk chocolate layer between the flavored white chocolate coating and the gummy.
The flavors are:
  • Cream Soda (green) - Has no smell, but when you pop it into your mouth you taste sweet while chocolate with a hint of vanilla. As that melts away you reach the gummy center and that has a vanilla soda taste to it. It was really interesting, but I didn’t enjoy it too much.
  • Cola Float (brown) - Has a very VERY light cola scent to it. The coating has a hint of cola flavor, but the flavor really lies in the gummy center. The center is a lot like a Haribo cola gummi. 
  • Strawberry Milk (pink) - This one is the only non-soda drink item, and it has a slight milky smell. The outside is a very mild milky strawberry, but the center tastes just like strawberry ice cream topping! This one was my favorite in the box!

I really liked the strawberry milk one, but it was the only one where the flavored coating and gummy center were both flavorful. The two soda flavors were really lost in their white chocolate coating. This was fun to try, but I wouldn’t get this again, unless strawberry milk got it’s own box.
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