Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Candy Cigarettes/Sticks - ???? NJ

Candy Cigarettes/Sticks
- ???? NJ
For Halloween here is some candy dressed up like something else.
I don’t remember where I picked these up (possibly Aunt Charlotte’s in Merchantville, NJ) but candy cigarettes are one of my favorite candies.
This candy is a bit controversial, a candy for kids to pretend smoke? Cigarette companies were making candy boxes look like their brand so that happy childhood memories would influence their adult smoking decisions. They would reach for the pack that looked like the one they remembered. After the public caught on, candy cigarettes were renamed “candy sticks.” The packaging stayed the same, so I think children today are still making the same candy-to-smoking connections.
Time to discuss the candy itself!

Candy cigarettes are white, chalky, sticks of candy. They are made of pressed sugar, so they are crunchy at first, but quickly dissolve in your mouth. As far as flavoring goes, these taste like a stick of compressed confectioner sugar with a hint of wintergreen.
I love these and I always go through several packs. These might be MORE addicting than cigarettes. (Not that I’ll ever find out, I never have smoked and never will.)
Photos© Maria Smith
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