Friday, November 2, 2012

Cola Hard Candy - Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ

Cola Hard Candy - Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ
I love cola candies! I have reviewed several cola-flavored gummies, but never a hard candy.

This package follows the red-trend I discussed in previous posts. (Cola is almost always paired with the color red.) Visually, I wasn’t “wowed” by the design. My favorite part is the glass of soda pictured on the front, but the rest of the design is pretty “meh.”
Inside, are individually wrapped candies. (Just like the Super Lemon I reviewed a few days ago.)  I noticed that these candies are pretty big just by holding a wrapped piece in my hand.

When I got to the actual candy it was bigger than a piece of Super Lemon. It is the size of a piece of salt water taffy!

The candy smells a lot like the Haribo gummi soda bottles, but with a hint of ramune.
When I first put the candy into my mouth I could taste a very sweet cola flavor mixed with tangy lemon. As the candy melts you get a fizzy sort of feeling on your tongue just like you would with real soda. Since the candy is rather large, each piece lasts for a really long time (unless you’re a hard-candy cruncher.)

Although I didn’t like the package, I love the flavor. I really liked this candy a lot and would definitely buy it again.

Photos© Maria Smith
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