Friday, October 12, 2012

Pumpkin Smoothie - Pumpkin 2012 Haul

Pumpkin Smoothie - Smoothie King : Cinnaminson, NJ

 I am collecting all of my pumpkin posts from last year and re-posting them here on Blogger to make a comprehensive collection. Here is the original Tumblr post.

My sister is a BIG fan of Smoothie King. She and her friend Lauren liked it so much I decided to check it out. During the fall season they have a pumpkin smoothie that is VERY popular. I had to get it for review. 
The container is…ugly. It is made of styrofoam so it is really bad for the environment. Which makes me sad because I enjoy this business and their products. I just wish their packaging was different or more eco friendly.  
The smoothie doesn’t really smell like much, but most frozen drinks don’t. I can smell a yogurt-y tang to this smoothie, but I am not really sure what it is made with. I couldn’t find any nutritional information for it on the net! (Which was really odd.)
It tastes like pumpkin pie filling blended up with vanilla frozen yogurt. You can really taste the pumpkin pie flavor, which is delicious, but very rich. It doesn’t help that their smallest size is a 20oz! That is HUGE for me. I usually try and order kid-sized items to help limit calories…but Smoothie King only offers certain flavors in a child-size.
I couldn’t finish the smoothie so I had to put it in my freezer to finish tomorrow. Not that this is a bad thing, I get 2 servings of smoothie for 2 days. Win-win.
On a pumpkin-y scale of 1-5 (5 being extremely pumpkin-y) I would rate this a 4.
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