Sunday, November 25, 2012

Big Bite Gummy Bear (Cherry) - ???

Big Bite Gummy Bear (Cherry) - ???
Another item from my boyfriend’s big bag of candy. A gummy bear the size of my fist!
There is a lot of packaging for this bear. First, there is a hard plastic shell around the gummy to keep it safe and shaped. After that, there is a clear sticker holding the shell together and then another layer of clear plastic wrapped around the tape to protect that! I understand the need for it all, but when I was done unwrapping this candy I had a huge pile of waste!
Once free of his gummy-prison, the gummy bear is pretty hefty. This gummy bear is 12 oz! That means this guy is more gummy than a whole bag of gummy bears! 
It smells like artificial cherry.  Not in a bad way, the smell reminds me of cherry lollipops.

Taking a bite was difficult! The outside of this gummy is NOT so gummy. It hurt my teeth to get through the hard exterior. Once I did it was softer inside, but not as soft as typical gummies. This candy has a stiffer chew, but it really does taste like a larger version of a cherry Haribo gummy bear.

After a few bites, my gummy bear split in two! The bear is made with 2 molds pushed together, so I guess the seam wasn’t very strong.
I think this is a really fun and silly gift, but I don’t think you’d ever need another. One is enough for a lifetime. I am a gummy bear ADDICT, and even I might not be able to finish this.
EDIT: I finished it in two days…because I have no self control.
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