Thursday, November 22, 2012

Caramel Apple Milkyway - Walmart : Cherry Hill, NJ

Caramel Apple Milkyway - Walmart : Cherry Hill, NJ
I picked these up at Walmart because Milkyways are my favorite candy bar. (I love them frozen.) I was excited to try my favorite chocolate bar a new flavor. 
I had seen reviews of these before, on Candy Blog, but I had to try these for myself.
The packaging is VERY red. To me, it looks like a candy apple instead of a caramel one.  I think a lot more could have been done to convey a caramel apple, but overall it isn’t terrible packaging.
When I opened the wrapper I could smell cinnamon. A LOT of cinnamon. There is a slight apple aroma, but the cinnamon really stands out as the strongest smell.
Taking a bite, the first thing I could taste was the fluffy cinnamon mixed with nougat. After that, I got a hint of apple mixed with caramel and a nice chocolate finish.
A caramel apple does not include cinnamon, so this does not taste like a caramel apple. These candies are very sweet too, I can’t eat more than one or two in a sitting. While these were interesting, and fun to try, I didn’t care for the flavor. It doesn’t taste like any caramel apple I’ve ever had, and I wouldn’t miss this flavor if it didn’t return next fall.
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