Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kasugai Fruits Mix Gummy Candy - ???

Kasugai Fruits Mix Gummy Candy - ???
I picked this up from a random convenience store while walking around Philly a while ago. (I really can’t remember where.)
After trying these gummis before, in THIS sampler,  I was excited to get more of them. 
The bag is simple, but it uses stunning images of fresh fruit. I just want to reach into the image and eat a grape.
Opening the bag I was shocked, there were no grape at all! Only Apple and muscat. I originally thought maybe the grape candies were at the top where I couldn’t see through the bag, but there were none at all! Quality control really dropped the ball on this one.
I have had these flavors before and I really liked all three, but the grape was my favorite! What a disappointment.

(Here are my reviews of the APPLE and MUSCAT)
While I love these candies, I’ll stick to buying individual bags from the Asian grocery store near my home. That way I know what flavors I am getting.
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