Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello Kitty Lollipop Ring - ???

Hello Kitty Lollipop Ring - ???
Another gift from my boyfriend, so I am not sure where this came from.
The package is VERY pink and sparkly. There is a picture of the lollipop on the package, and it looks like it should be Hello Kitty shaped.
We’ll see how she looks. Have any of you ever seen those character shaped ice cream bars? They NEVER look like they are supposed to and most of the time they look like nightmares.
Opening the package she doesn’t look too bad. She doesn’t have any facial features, but it does look like her face is melting off.

The lollipop is supposed to be strawberry flavored, but it doesn’t really taste like strawberry at all. More like a generic sweet taste. The candy isn’t bad, but the shape makes it really awkward to eat.
This was a fun treat, but I wouldn’t really recommend it. The novelty is more fun than the candy itself.
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