Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gummy Bacon - ???

Gummy Bacon - ???
For my birthday this year my boyfriend gave me a big bag of candy. Inside, I found Uncle Oinker’s Gummy Bacon. Thankfully, this is strawberry flavored and not bacon flavored. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE bacon and I LOVE gummy candy, but bacon-flavored gummies? No thank you.
The packaging is pretty rough, it feels like a student project. I wish they had put more cheesy jokes and such on the packaging and really pushed the bad-ness of it. I love things that are so bad they are good. What I DO like is that there is a little “bacon viewing window” just like real packages of bacon.
Inside the box there is a plastic pouch with four strips of gummy bacon.

Once opened, I could smell a sweet strawberry aroma. The smell is really nice, but the taste? After such a strong smell I was really surprised by how mild it was. It has a generic artificial strawberry flavor, like what you would find in gummy bears. The taste is similar to gummy bears, but the texture is VERY different. Each slice of gummy bacon is pretty thick, so it is VERY chewy and bouncy.
Overall I enjoyed gummy bacon. The flavor was mild and pleasant. I wouldn’t seek it out to eat it again, but it was really fun to try. This would be a fun stocking stuffer or silly gift. (I know I enjoyed it.)
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