Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jersey-Creme Soda - Franklin Fountain : Philadelphia, PA

Jersey-Creme Soda - Franklin Fountain : Philadelphia, PA
"The PERFECT Drink"
This was another glass bottled soda I picked up back when I was at the Franklin Fountain. Not to be TOO cliche, but I AM a Jersey girl and I figured I should review a “Jersey” soda.
When I looked it up, it turns out this soda has quite the history! It was one of America’s first creme sodas! This beverage was originally used as a concentrate to make other creme flavored beverages.
Design-wise, this brown bottle has a label on the front with basic information, and that’s about it. Most of the bottle is left bare, and the only other design element is the “Deliciously Vintage”-cap. The design really wasn’t drawing me to this product at all.
Once opened, the soda smells VERY sweet. It has a faint wintergreen/bubblegum aroma…which is worrying. (I really hate bubble gum flavored things.) 
Pouring it out, I notice that it is a caramel colored creme soda. Creme sodas come in all varieties: clear, pink, brown, and I have even had a green one before!
Thankfully it tastes NOTHING like bubblegum. The taste is smooth, creamy, and really satisfying. It has a really nice vanilla flavor that reminds me of vanilla extract.
This is one of the creamiest sodas I have ever drank! Prior to this, the Jone’s version of creme soda was my favorite, but this has surpassed it!
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