Friday, November 16, 2012

Power Up Energy Drink - Five Below : The Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Power Up Energy Drink - Five Below : The Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Time for the last video game themed energy drink! Here we have Mario’s Power Up.

Just like the DK one, this can’s design is just a character against a basic background. At least DK had stars! Mario just gets a solid blue filler. It could have been a Mario stage or at least had little mushroom shapes on it.

Opening the can I could smell bubble gum. I HATE bubble gum flavored items so this was a very bad sign for me.
Overall these drinks were novelty items, but I have found that they taste a LOT better than some of the energy drink brands on the market. I think these drinks were a success and if they became widely available I think they would be pretty popular.  

The drink tastes like…I’m not really sure WHAT this tastes like. It has that slight Redbull taste that the other two drinks had, but it is mixed with some sort of fruit I can’t quite place. Maybe peaches? That would make sense with the color and Princess Peach. While it doesn’t really taste like peaches, or anything I can really place, the beverage isn’t that bad.
When I poured it I noticed that this the beverage is a peachy, almost clear, color. Totally different from the DK and Pac-man drinks that were both red and berry flavored.
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