Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jungle Juice Energy Drink - Five Below : The Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Jungle Juice Energy Drink - Five Below : The Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Here is another video game themed energy drink to celebrate Wreck it Ralph! This time it’s Donkey Kong’s Jungle Juice.
Right off the bat, the name really isn’t appealing. What is “jungle juice” anyway? 
This can design is really basic. I feel like they could have done a lot more. (It could have been a barrel!) It seems like a lot more thought was put into the Pac-Man can design. (Even DK himself looks confused and disappointed!)
When I poured the energy drink, I noticed that it looked just like the Pac-Man Power Up I drank before. Both drinks seem to use the same Red Bull-like energy drink base, but with different fruit juices. This time I can smell cranberry juice instead of cherry.
This must be some type of cranberry based drink because it really tastes just like a cranberry Red Bull. It’s more tart than the Pac-Man one, but it is still better than most energy drinks I have had.
This isn’t a bad energy drink, but I liked the taste of the Pac-Man one more. So far I am really impressed with these novelty drinks!
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