Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cherry Cordial Crème Hershey’s Kisses - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Cherry Cordial Crème Hershey’s Kisses - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
Hershey’s released a bunch of holiday themed kisses this season, candy cane, cherry cordial, caramel, and mint truffle. This is the last seasonal flavor I picked up, the cherry cordial crèmes. 
The bag is the same design as the pink, but with a red color scheme. So there is really nothing new to discuss here.
The foil on these Kisses seemed to be thinner, because they tore apart very easily. Inside, there is milk chocolate Kiss with a little hole at the top. Traditional cherry cordials are not filled via injection. The center starts out as a solid and becomes a liquid. Since I have found a little hole on every kiss I have opened I can’t help but think these are injected with filling, or require some sort of air hole.
The chocolate is very milky and melts very easily. It melted in my hands hen I tried to take a bite for the last photo. The candy smells a lot like a traditional cherry cordial.
The taste is VERY sweet, the center has a nice cherry cordial flavor, but I really miss the cherry bits of cherry inside the traditional candies.
These are really yummy, and I like them a lot, but if I had a choice between these and the real thing… I’d pick the real candy.
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