Saturday, December 1, 2012

Persimmon - Produce Junction: Moorestown, NJ

Persimmon - Produce Junction: Moorestown, NJ
I have been trying to find fresh persimmons for a long time! My grandfather was in the army and he ate them during his time in Japan. He described it as a fruit that looks like a tomato, but tastes sweet like strawberries. With that kind of description, I HAD to try it. All the Asian grocery shops in my area had dried persimmons, candied persimmons, and ones in jars. I wanted fresh ones, so when I happened to see them at Produce Junction I picked a few up.
They really do look like tomatoes. The skin is a bit thicker than a tomato, but these could very easily be mistaken for each other. 
The fruit feels dense, kind of like a peach, and it bruises when squeezed. Which is really odd because it looks so much like a tomato, I expected it to be soft and squishy like one.
Cutting it open, there wasn’t much a smell, but I am not sure how ripe mine are. The smell is sweet, and it reminds me of coconut water. Maybe if they were riper they would have a stronger smell?
Taking a bite, the texture was so crazy! It’s like eating a really ripe pear! (Or a peach with a stiffer texture.) 
It does NOT taste like strawberries, but it is sweet. The overall eating experience is a lot like a mango, but the flavor is like a mango-honeydew-plum. It was really interesting and refreshing.
While I was a little disappointed that the flavor wasn’t what my grandfather describes, I was still very happy with the taste and I would definitely buy these again!
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