Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gingerbread Oreos - Walmart : Cherry Hill, NJ

Gingerbread Oreos - Walmart : Cherry Hill, NJ
There are two limited edition Oreos out right now, candy cane and gingerbread. These gingerbread ones are only available at Walmart. Now, I make a REALLY good gingerbread every year, so I am going to be pretty critical of these. 
The packaging is nice and bright. I like that they avoided the obvious red/green holiday palette and went for some a warm yellow. I think that the color and the cookie image really makes the package stand out. This package opens like most of the traditional Oreo packs, you peel the front of the package open, which I don’t like. I prefer the resealable bags that allow you to slide the cookie tray out.
Peeling the package open, you can smell the spice right away. I can smell ginger and cinnamon, which I really liked. The Oreos inside are vanilla with a spiced creme filling, and it looks to me like this flavor is double stuffed. There was a decent filling-to-cookie ratio. (As you can see in the photos)
The cookies seem to be the normal, vanilla, blonde Oreo they use for a lot of their limited edition flavors. The filling is REALLY sweet and has a light spiced flavor. The overly sweet filling, with it’s shorting-like consistency, really overpowers the spices.
I loved the idea of spicing up the blonde Oreo cookies…but sadly all the spice-y goodness is lost in the greasy creme filling. I’ll stick to making my own gingerbread cookies this holiday. 
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