Saturday, February 16, 2013

Unreal 77, Peanut Butter Cups - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Unreal 77, Peanut Butter Cups - Target:  Cherry Hill, NJ
I’m interrupting my Vitamin C lollipop posts to review these Unreal Peanut butter cups. (Because I want to eat them right now.) I saw this brand reviewed on Candy Blog a few years ago, and recently I tried one of the candy bars.
This brand has a very unique look to it, mainly because of the alien-like font they use. (It’s a little difficult to read, but it says ‘UNREAL.’) The packaging is similar to Reese’s peanut butter cups, but with bold metallic yellows and blacks instead of orange and brown.

The peanut butter cups inside the wrapper are the same size as a Reese’s, but the chocolate is darker and less glossy. (Which is good because Reese’s barely use real chocolate these days.) These have a mild roasted peanut smell and the bottoms are imprinted with the brand name “UNREAL.”

When compared to a Reese’s cup, the chocolate to peanut butter filling ratio is different. There is more chocolate than with a typical peanut butter cup. The chocolate is a bit darker as well. The filling is MUCH smoother and creamier than commercial peanut butter cups. It’s like there is real peanut butter inside.

While I liked these more than Reese’s, I prefer the candy bar I reviewed before. Still, these are yummy and definitely worth a try.
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