Sunday, February 17, 2013

Yummy Earth Vitamin C lollipops - Home Goods: Moorestown, NJ

Yummy Earth Vitamin C lollipops - Home Goods: Moorestown, NJ
Next up, Pomegranate Pucker.
In my last Yummy Earth post I mentioned that there are 4 different “red” flavors (raspberry, cherry, strawberry, and pomegranate) and how that can be a little confusing/frustrating. Here is a perfect example of what I meant, this Pomegranate Pucker looks JUST like Razzmatazz Berry. Both flavors are the same exact shade of red, and the wrappers are both printed in the same red ink.
Since it is literally the exact same color as the previous flavor I reviewed, my photo looked the same as last weeks. (Which is why I left it out.) So if you were seeking out a specific flavor… the similarities could be a bit annoying.
This time the candy has a tangier, sour, smell. The scent reminds me of cranberry juice more than pomegranates, but it was still very appealing.
From the smell I was expecting the candy to be sour, but it was actually very sweet. The candy tastes more like a sweetened pomegranate cocktail than real pomegranates, but it is a very sophisticated. There are deep berry notes that actually make this taste more like a jam than a lollipop, and overall I was really impressed with the flavor.
So far this is my favorite of the bunch. This pomegranate lollipop has a deep, rich, flavor that I think a lot of adults would really enjoy.
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