Friday, March 29, 2013

Free Signature Blended Tea– Teavana : Cherry Hill, NJ

Free Signature Blended TeaTeavana : Cherry Hill, NJ
I’ve written this twice and Tumblr ate it. So third time’s the charm?
My sister needed to buy some sneakers, so to we went to the Cherry Hill Mall and used THIS COUPON to each get a free cup of tea while we were there. (The coupon expires 3/31/13.)
We have actually used that coupon twice this month and both times we received the same tea blend, the Strawberry Rose Champagne with Peach Tranquility. (I am guessing this signature blend accompanies this promotion and that all locations are using the same flavor, but I could be wrong.)
Since the cup is standard for hot beverages, I‘m going to skip the packaging review. Instead, I will say that I really like Teavana’s color scheme and brand identity. Their stores are very tranquil and their product information is always well designed. (Plus the employees at our local Teavana are always really nice.)

Teavana’s description for this tea:
“Harmony is embodied in this sophisticated oolong tea and herbal blend. Sparkling Strawberry Rose Champagne is complemented by dreamy Peach Tranquility for a fruity and floral duo, delicious in every way. A très bien relaxing treat!
My first impression was that this tea had a strong fruity aroma with a hint of rose petals. If I had to liken it to anything, I’d have to say gummy bears (more specifically the clear ones that are usually pineapple or tropical flavored). The floral scent is very mellow and it blends well with the other flavors, unlike other rose petal teas I have had that smell like potpourri.
Initially, I thought this tea tasted like peach gummy rings, but that candy-like flavor fades into a mild rose petal with a sweet strawberry finish. Normally I stay away from floral drinks because I feel like I’m drinking an air freshener, but this is really refreshing and pleasant.
I really enjoyed this blend, but I might like it even more if it was iced. I’ll have to buy some of this blend and make iced tea this summer.
© Maria Smith
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