Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meiji Kinoko No Yama Macadamia - Asian Food Market, NJ

Meiji Kinoko No Yama Macadamia - Asian Food Market, NJ
Even MORE Chocorooms!
My other Chocoroom flavor reviews:
This box has a blue color scheme and a winter theme. (Similar to the purple sweet potato version and it’s fall theme.) There is a little village covered in snow with scatter snowflakes all over the box. While I do like the overall look and design of this package, I hate that I need to tear the front cover to open it. I mean, you really could open it any way you wanted, but the suggested way of opening it is to lift up a perforated flap on the front of the box. It always seems like a shame to rip a pretty design, but that is just my opinion.

Just like the strawberry and sweet potato flavors, these are individually wrapped, but the biscuit “stump” for this flavor is actually chocolate! All of the other flavors I have tried so far used plain/vanilla biscuits, so it’s nice to try a chocolate variety.
Opening the wrapper, I noticed that the chocolate aroma is much stronger than the macadamia.

I took a bite…and I was surprised. There were no actual macadamia nuts inside. It’s just macadamia flavored milk chocolate with a chocolate biscuit. Even without the actual macadamias, these are really yummy! The texture and taste of the chocolate “top” and biscuit “bottom” remind me of Nutella to Go, but with the hazelnuts swapped out for macademias. Overall the flavors and textures work really well together.

I really like these a lot, and these are my favorite out of all the flavors of Chocorooms I have tried so far.
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